Get Your Family Outside This Winter!

Happy 2017! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the New Year and that you’re enjoying the (mostly) nice weather we’re having this winter in Kansas City. Note the new event dates, times, and locations that have now been posted on the website through June 2017:

Get them on your calendar early!


In addition to regular hikes, approximately once per quarter we will be visiting some outstanding playgrounds around Kansas City. Why? Because active and engaged play, both alone and with other children, is an incredibly important part of child development from a physical, emotional, and intellectual perspective. Oh…and because it’s really fun! Join us for the first two this spring:


Recently, I came across some great resources about how to enjoy winter outside with your kids. They are worth a quick read, especially since we have more winter weather on the way this weekend:

And as if you didn’t have enough reason to get outside with your little ones, learn more about how connecting with nature helps your kids sleep better (something we can all use a little help with every now and then, right?!)

Put a couple of our upcoming hikes on your calendar and come join us this year!

Hope to see you soon,



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