Event Logistics – How to Find Us!

Event Sign Ups: To make signing up for events and signing the waiver / photo release easier for you, I’m trying out a new sign up method!  When you decide to attend an event, all you’ll need to do is fill in your contact information, click on the events you’re interested in, check the waiver/photo release boxes, and hit the submit button. You can try it out HERE. It’s super-helpful for me in planning and organizing these events to know how many of you are planning on attending. If you’d take a quick minute to sign up, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Event Start Times: For our hikes, we will wait for approximately 10 minutes at the meeting location after the posted start time (so if, for example, an event starts at 10 am, we will leave the parking lot at 10:10 am). Most of the time at our playground adventures the kids refuse to be held back (rightly so!) so we’ll start playing upon arrival.

Event Newcomers: If you are a newcomer to the group, please come up and introduce yourself! A lot of times there are other families or groups enjoying the location where we’re meeting, and it starts to get a *bit* awkward if I ask ALL of them if they are there for the Let’s G.O. Kansas City event! I am working on designing a little sign to make finding us easier, but for now I will have either glasses or sunglasses on, and have my hair in a ponytail (standard weekend hairstyle for me…scrap that…standard hairstyle for me, period). You can also look for me and my family (in many of the event photos on this site or on the About page). I don’t want to miss out on meeting you and your family in person, so please come say hello!

REMINDER: This weekend, June 3rd, we will be meeting at Black Hoof Park in Lenexa. Sign up and join us there for some great fun!

And – as if you need it! – here’s another great reason to get your kids outside this spring: For Better Vision, Let the Sunshine In. (Ignore the semi-creepy images, the content is interesting, I promise.)

See you out there!


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